Haulage and Transport Companies in Newcastle and the Northeast

From the very earliest realisation that a person could get rewarded for carrying items from one place to another, the notion of commercial haulage has grown and grown.

From the first local coal lorry deliveries to large-scale supermarket deliveries the tasks have become bigger and the haulage companies who undertake this job have grown with it.

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What is Haulage?

Simply put, haulage is the transport and delivery of goods from one location to another usually by road or rail. Anyone, individual or company, who needs to send something somewhere will benefit by using a professional haulier. And there are in the UK generally and the North East in particular, several carriers to choose from, from the ‘man with a van’ up to top-rated haulage company in the North East – Gurteen Transport.

Haulage companies will carry and deliver any goods and services you can reasonably think of in respect of keeping the nation’s wheels turning, for example:

· Frozen food

· Raw foodstuffs like milk or grain

· Fuel

· Pharmaceuticals

· Heavy plant machinery

· Event Equipment

· Automotive Parts

The list is of course far from exhaustive and as haulage, transport and logistics needs become ever more global the list of organisations and individuals who are likely to have need of these services grows in tandem. From farmers to food processors, car makers to component manufacturers and anyone in between who needs goods transportation and delivery, a haulage and logistics company like Gurteen Transport – takes care of business.

Why Use Gurteen Transport?

Gurteen Transport are leaders in the provision of transport, logistics and stock management nationally and internationally. Based in the North East, but with a wide reach, we provide a whole host of haulage- based services such as events logistics and we also offer storage services too. We also pride ourselves on taking a leading role in active and strict compliance with all waste management and recycling legislation, and we are keen to play our part in protecting the environment. Technology plays a large part in the service we provide to our customers, and part of this involves the provision of real-time online Tracking and Proof of Delivery access services. We believe this provides our customers with essential time saving as well as eliminating unwanted paperwork. Our range of specialist vehicles, services and our well regarded highly trained staff ensure delivery of services which are second to none.

Why not contact us today to find out why many businesses, large and small, believe that using this North East haulage company is one of the best decisions they’ve made?