Tail Lift Hire Service

Our range of rigid vehicles from 7.5 tonne to 18 tonne all come equipped with tail lifts and pump trucks allowing for greater flexibility when loading.

We also offer a 44 tonne double deck trailers with full height tail lifts, ensuring maximum volume loads with minimum impact on the environment.

There are many benefits to hiring a lorry or van with a tail lift. Mainly, a tail lift is designed to be able to lift very heavy items on to the back of the van or truck. This makes the loading and unloading much easier and more importantly, with health and safety in mind,  it makes injury to the van drivers and warehouse staff less likely.

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A typical tail lift can load up to 2.5 tonne in weight which to do manually would be almost impossible. By loading using a tail lift it will not only make the process easier and safer but also a lot quicker and much less labour intensive. By reducing the need for pallets to be stripped down and have the individual items handed on to the van separately the goods are far less likely to be damaged. Also, a really big advantage is that the tail lift can be used to span the difference in height between the vehicle floor and the loading bay.

Damaged goods and a slow labour intensive loading and unloading process will adversely affect your bottom line, so hiring a tail lift vehicle rather than a normal one will save money in the long run. So, if you are looking for tail lift hire in hire in Newcastle and the North-East, then Gurteen Transport can help.

Two main options

Tail Lifts are generally one of two types –  a column lift or a cantilever lift. Column lifts are normally mechanical ones but it is also possible to have hydraulic or pneumatic versions of the column tail lift. The lifts run on “tracks” which are located on the rear of the van/truck and the platform then runs up and down on the tracks so the goods can be hoisted up and down as required.

The cantilever tail lift has some flexibility as the platform can be tilted and can be used as a sort of ramp making loading easier, especially if you have something on wheels that you wish to load.

Column tail lifts are often used on vans because there is less space under the chassis whereas cantilevers can be used on bigger lorries.

Newcastle Tail Lift Hire

At Gurteen Transport we are sure to have a hire vehicle that will meet your requirements. If you need a van, rigid lorry or 44 tonne trailer for short or long term hire we can help. Whether you need self-loading vehicles and want to work at your own pace or are a firm with a huge need for help with logistics, then Gurteen Transport  is here to support you.

Our team has specialist knowledge in all aspects of transport and logistics and are very happy to help you choose the best vehicle for the job. Our range of tail lift vehicles from 7.5t to 18t and our 44t double deck trailers mean we have all your needs covered. So, if you are in Newcastle or surrounding areas and need our assistance, please contact us now to discuss your requirements.