Warehousing Companies in Newcastle and the Northeast

Warehousing companies offer distribution and storage solutions. Storage services in Newcastle and the northeast are among the finest to be found in the UK. These services fall roughly into four categories; heavy industrial storage, bonded warehousing, palletised goods storage and personal self storage. In Newcastle and the northeast there are a large number of companies available to suit every need, including specially catered for bespoke storage and warehousing solutions.

Why do We Need Warehousing Facilities?

Warehouses are a vital part of the business supply chain. If a factory, for example, only produced its goods when they were ordered, then that factory would not need warehouse services. However, business does not work like that. Factories know that their products are in constant demand through continuous research and customer surveys, so they need a place to store a large quantity of their product where it can be shipped out, as and when it is needed. Warehousing companies supply that need.

This is known as supply chain logistics, which involves warehousing, inventory and transportation. This is why we can order an product online, for example, and have it delivered to us very quickly, within days usually. The product does not come directly from the factory to us, but rather from a warehouse through its distribution system. Of course, warehouses can also be used purely for indefinite storage, and that is usually what happens with personal self storage, but by and large, warehousing companies cater to other companies that require a business supply chain system in place.

Warehousing is also used as a means of storage at the opposite end of production, for raw materials. Factories usually require certain raw materials that they take and assemble or machine, or otherwise create, into their finished product. These raw materials need to be stored somewhere, usually close to their production plant, so that they can have a constant supply of the materials when needed. The same supply chain logistics apply here, for there is warehousing, and inventory of raw materials and the eventual transportation of the materials to the factory for development.

What is Needed in Addition to the Basic Warehouse?

A warehouse on its own is not enough. Warehousing companies in Newcastle and the northeast of England need racks and shelves where raw materials or finished products can be stored. The racks and shelves are normally categorised and numbered to correspond with an inventory system, so that every shelved item can quickly be found in its correct place.

In addition to all that, a warehouse needs forklifts to load and unload trucks, and to stack shelves and racks in the warehouse. A warehouse will also need a number of carts and dollies within the warehouse for the movement of materials or products. There may also be a need for conveyor belts with people sorting goods, if distribution is required. All this essential activity needs to be carefully coordinated as well, of course.

The northeast of England with Newcastle as its hub is a thriving and vibrant business location. It offer secure and reliable storage services, whatever your needs, whether that is modest storage for a car, for example, or vast warehousing storage facilities capable of driving value for your business and delivering your service promise to your customers, wherever they may be.