Stock Management

Warehouse & Stock Management Systems

Stock management locationAt Gurteen we offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities and work with a range of best-in-class software partners. By establishing these relationships, we can provide our customers with the best stock management options. Our state-of-the-art systems monitor and control all critical warehouse processes. They also provide support for transport and distribution operations and communicate with customs and other authorities. Moreover, unlike many of our competitors, our scale means we deploy a large number of these systems in any given year. Therefore you benefit  from this unrivalled experience and expertise.

Furthermore, warehouse and stock management systems record all events and activities in the receipt, handling and storage of products and orders in the warehouse or distribution centre, including the location of inventory.

Customers Benefits

Our customers use us time and time again, because we offer a service that cannot be matched. We understand the requirements of their business and how an effective stock management system will eliminate stress and boost the productivity of their service. With access to, and influence over, leading-edge supply chain technology, we can cut the cost and time of your distribution.

In addition, by using our service we can guarantee that your stock is organised and stored in a manner to suit your business needs. Improving your business is our main priority and as a result, we have developed the systems over time to achieve this. Other benefits of our stock management service include:

  • Access to best-in-class applications that are platform and database independent – facilitating standardised business processes
  • Rapid start-up and reduced risk in global deployment – including project delivery, service management, supplier management, – integration and hosting
  • Scalability and repeatability worldwide
  • Unrivalled expertise in interfacing with your stock control, resource planning and business information systems
  • Proven, pre-integration with other supply chain partner systems – including visibility and control.

If you need a stock management system that eases your workload and provides a storage solution, we can assist.

For more information on our stock management system and how it could benefit your business, contact us now. Our dedicated team is here to help you!