Boat Transport

We provide a professional, fully insured UK and European boat transport collection and delivery service. Vessels up to 8m long and with a beam of up to 2.6m can be moved on one of our standard vehicles, with larger craft catered for using our special category trailers. Short term, in transit storage facilities are available at our Northeast depot and our Partner network can offer provision throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

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Our custom built vehicles, with air suspended trailers provide a safe and secure platform for the road transportation of yachts, motor cruisers, fishing and workboats.

We offer a full, in house escort service to safely accompany your boat to its final destination and can transport all other equipment and personal posessions in parallel to ensure everything is ready to go upon delivery. Following a customer’s initial enquiry, we begin the meticulous planning process that ensures a trouble free move for the boat, the owner and ourselves.

Initially a verbal contact will be made to establish a maximum and minimum price range for the move. This has to take into account the probable time and distance involved, the boat dimensions, any special escort requirements, and of course the potential to be matched with other traffic etc. With those parameters established, we then set about planning the safest, most economical and efficient movement procedures for the boat.

Making Your Boat Safe for Transport By Road

  • All ornaments and unsecured items inside the boat should be placed on the floor or beds and covered with cushions. (The boat will get a comfortable ride on our air suspended trailers but delicate items should be protected or removed)
  • Gas bottles and batteries should be turned off and isolated
  • Hazardous materials must be removed
  • Radar arches, radio aerials and lighting gantries should be lowered or removed
  • Splash screens should be removed or protected unless they are very strong and permanently fixed
  • In almost all circumstances canopies should be removed. Many owners balk at this but, apart from the obvious damage implications, torn or loose canvas could become detached and blow onto a following motor-cyclist
  • Yacht masts should be placed on top of the boat wherever possible, carefully wrapped and insulated from vibration and chafing
  • Ropes and fenders should be stowed safely.
  • These tasks should normally be carried out by the owner and / or boatyard staff but our drivers and attendants will help with safe stowage.
    Any keys or paperwork requirements should be agreed in advance

Loading Procedures Prior to Boat Transport

Through experience, we know that Boatyards and Marinas with cranes or hoists will have a crew of qualified operatives to load the boat onto our trailer. We work together to ensure that the craft is safely placed on the vehicle, the keel lowered onto padded blocks on the the chassis, and the hull supported with adjustable padded arms. Ensuring that the boat is safely “cradled” for transport by road. The boat is then inspected for damage and if the owner is absent, pointed out to the loading team. The owner may be called and the damage photographed.

The travelling height of the load is carefully measured, ensuring that the vehicle will pass safely along the selected route (We can check the height against known bridge limits and ensure that the chosen route is safe. The potential damage caused by low branches of trees, especially after periods of rain, is a risk some tend not to consider when attempting boat transport. Hence our insistence on the removal of canopies and other vulnerable items. Having stowed any ropes and fenders safely within the boat, the load is then strapped to the trailer. As the journey progresses – especially in the early stages – frequent stops are made to check the security and safe condition of the boat.

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